Release Notes

Release Notes
Version 2.0.1
-Fixed the freezing issue that was showing up in the play button. I was using the wrong type of time handler that caused basically sent a message every nanosecond which froze the phone.

-Put a bandage on a looping issue with .ogg files...still unresolved but this will work for now. I can't find where this is even documented as an issue but it is definitely there.

-Looking into an issue with the riingtone \stopping\ that several of you have reported. I think I know what it is, but I haven't had time to work on it yet because of school and my teaching job...I'm still trying to get organized :)

I have some time tomorrow night so hopefully that will be up tomorrow :)

-Official Version: 2.0
Yay!! ShuffleTone 2.0 is officially 1 week old, and I am ripping off its BETA signiture! It has come along way in this one week, thanks to everyone who has spent the time to email me with the problems they have, and with their guys are the reason that everything has moved so fast and have made a much better product out of what I had original posted, Thanks!

-Donations. I've added a way to for you guys to give back without me forcing fees down peoples throats. Click MENU and Donate, and you will be brought to a page that explains the donation. Read it(as you always should with documents like these),
press the big Donate button on the right to donate.
-Added a way to sort by duration. Now you can sort your list in the file browser by how long the song is. It'll make it easier to grab those small sound bytes that are scattered all over your card :)

-Version 1.93beta
--Reworked play/stop button. Let me know if there is still that tiny bug that stops the ringtone early.
--Reworked the early ringtone stopping for texts. Added the function for time based shuffles as well.
--Made an effort to fix the on/off saving funtion.
--Fixed a problem with outdated lists after deleting a number of files. The fix runs if you open and resave the current list, or if you are loading a list from backup(Doesn't fix missing files, just incorrect file IDs)
--Fixed the wording on the Save & Load buttons. Now says Backup & Restore

--Added a dialog in the file browser that warns user that there are selectedfiles that aren't currently in view. Gives user option to remove those files or to keep them. Now it should feel a lot easier to add a bunch of files from multiple filters to one list.

-Version 1.92beta
--Added stop function in file browser
--Added a way to stop a text tone after specified amount of time
--Bug fixes

-Version 1.91.3beta
--Bug fixes

-Version 1.91.2beta
--Bug fixes

-Version 1.91beta

--DRM Support
--Internal tone support
--Some major bug fixes

-Version 1.9beta - Code has been completely reworked. This is basically a whole new app.
--New UI
--New Shuffle System
--New File Browser
--New Saving and Loading Playlists
--New Automatic Sd card backup

---ENJOY :)

-Version 1.5.2 Bug fix

-Version 1.5.1 MIDI format now supported.

-Version 1.5 New swiping feature allows you to switch from ShuffleTone and TextTone Shuffle in one quick flick.

-Version 1.4.3 - 1.4.5 Bunch of TextTone Shuffle fixes(I made a bunch of mistakes when I rehauled everything), but no new features.

-Version 1.4.2 Fix for one of the underestimated ShuffleTone feature, hourly shuffle
So I completely rehauled the hourly feature(because after adding TextTone, it stopped working) and fixed everything I could find.
-It now resets the timers when you install updates
-It now resets at startup CORRECTLY
-It now works for both ShuffleTone and TextTone, even at seperate times
I am now officially using this feature for my TextTone, and love it this way sooo much better. So hopefully it will see in increase in use, now that it works :)
AND, with the timer reset at update installs, I added a release not dialog that gives a summary of what I changed for that update...It only pops up when you install a new version, so it shouldn't be too big of a deal.
Also, I added a better Blacklisting test which should help catch your blacklisted numbers.

-Version 1.4.1 SPEED FIX!!! You guys will like this
Bug fix with the new blacklist feature...It was force closing if you responded to the text too quick.
Speed fix...I'm no longer trying to lag the phone as an attempt to match your notification...just increased some timers which hold if the ringtone isn't playing yet(Trust me, this is making a world of difference in speed)

-Version 1.4.0 Request and you shall receive!
Contact Blacklist!!! You can now add a contact to the blacklist which will prevent TextTone Shuffle from playing the ringtone on a specific contact...allowing you to add personalize your ringtones for that contact, using Handcent or Chomp :) Hopefully this should make everyone who asked for it smile.
I also changed a bunch of language to be a little more understanding...Hopefully you guys like it better :)

-Version 1.3.7 Fixed a bug in the browser
When going to Ringtone Bank would only show the Internal good haha.

-Version 1.3.6 Attempt to address several issues
No guarantees here, because I haven't experienced any of these personally. Email me if these problems still occur.
--Notification showing up, even if you don't have the option checked
--Force close when system tries to play song
--Notifications not clearing if you stop the ringtone to early
--Ringtone Bank crash when no SD card is inserted.
Once again, if you still experience any of these problems or any others, email me...I am always quick to respond and I do my best to find you a solution.

-Version 1.3.5 Don't miss those MMS notifications anymore...they are now integrated in
--Also, the BETA tag was removed off of TextTone Shuffle. After very positive reviews, and some really good personal experience with it, I really think its safe to say its ready for primetime :)

-Version 1.3.4 AHHH too many updates today :(
I'll wait till after work to put this up so you guys don't feel like I'm molesting you or anything...Basically, if you get more than one text, there will be a crossover of the tones. Also, there is a 5 second guaranteed play time that I feel is too long, it used to be 2 seconds and I think I'll just go back to that.
-Update: Alright, so I was out a little bit longer than expected but the update is up..I used it the whole time I was at work and had 0 problems...hopefully this iteration will be a success story :)

-Version 1.3.3 Moved code for priority
Some of you might have noticed that if you were doing something on your phone, the ringtone would be interupted.
Hopefully with this update, that will happen a lot less because I moved all the code into a service, which has a much higher priority than regular code that it was running. (I have my fingers crossed that this will work far so good :) )

-Version 1.3.2 Bunch of small updates to TextTone Shuffle
--Sms ringtones only go off if your phone is in idle(not ringing or in a phone call)
--Sms tones stop when you are receiving a phone call
--Ability to not cap your SMS ringtones if you don't want to(The cap still exists but if you set it to 0 it won't stop your song at all)
--A little better aligning with 3rd party notifications
--Premature endings of notifications have hopefully been fixed :)

-Version 1.3.1 I'm sorry about this update
It was seriously a one character difference but it kept TextTone Shuffle from working at all :S It works now, and I'm looking for me pull it out of beta :D

-Version 1.3.0 TextTone Shuffle...You're welcome!
The BETA version of ShuffleTone for text(conveniently named TextTone Shuffle) is as finished as its going to get with only me testing it(I can only ask so many people to text me, and I look ridiculous texting myself). Please, feedback is a must here, seeing that I have already ran into a couple currently unhandleable problems with it recently(See: Known Issues). For the most part, it is looking really good...I know you guys are going to like being able to change how long your ringtone plays after each message and definitely going to dig not changing EVERY text that comes in.

-Version 1.2.5 No more list jumping while using Check/Uncheck
I found a really efficient way to use my old method and my new method of checking all items. Also, ringtone count update bug is fixed

BTW Friday July 3rd is the 1 week anniversary of ShuffleTone. In that one week, I have received over 2300 downloads and almost 50 comments with a 4.5/5 star rating...not too shabby for a first app :) Thanks for all your help and support. Its been an amazing experience working with a lot of you...implementing all your suggestions has made worlds of changes in the application, and has made my summer break just a little more productive than what I usually am :D

-Version 1.2.4 More speed, less memory chomping.
I wasn't going to release this today but due to the free time I had after some cancellation of plans, I had a little bit of time to actually make some big changes
--The first change was a simple change in the way the phone refrences your music when using the Ringtone Bank. Before the update, if you were using some songs from the ringtone bank but not all of them, the memory usage would be the same as if you saved all of them. Now it is proportional to the number of songs you pick.
--The next update was something I've been trying to fix since the beginning and has only gotten worse with the Ringtone Bank, but is finally here...Faster(almost instant) checking and unchecking of all ringtones in the current list or directory. Before, even with small lists it took a inexcusable amount of time to accomplish. The only problem now is that it approximates where you were before you performed the action, so it might move your location, one or two tones above the one you were looking at

-Version 1.2.3 Stupid update for a stupid mistake
Fixed profile saving for when you save/load a profile from one of the 3 different types of banks. It wouldn't point you to the right bank if you were loading it up

-Version 1.2.2 View all your music...Yay??
So I'm sorry that this looks nasty right now...I updated it to this as kind of a reaction test and also as just a starting point for being able to sort the music and should look a lot better, hopefully within a week or so.

-Version 1.2.1 Small Browser Fix
In my last version, I accidentally removed the code that puts the previous folder in view when you press also centers it which I feel looks better. Also, during my experience, the back button doesn't always exit the app on the main activity...I had code that I thought would take care of this(because when other peoples apps do this it drives me nuts) but it wasn't working so I tried something else...hopefully it fixes it but maybe its just an android thing :S

-Version 1.2.0 Replaced Internal Memory browsing with the ability to pick between all ringtones on the phone...All internal memory features were retained if you are using it(either with a profile or currently using it as your default list), but access to just internal memory was taken out(I'll probably add it in in a small update but it just depends on what the reaction is)

Version 1.1.0 - Internal memory browsing
-Due to several requests and a couple bug reports, I decided throw access to the internal memory, just to find out that it ignores DRM ringtones. So if you bought your ringtones from a 3rd party vendor, there is a chance that you might not be able to use them. I've tried finding a work around on this but I had no luck, using a very helpful customer figure out where they were and what not. But no matter what we did, the ringtones would not show up as registered in the system. I appologize to anyone who may have struggled with the application because of this, and I will continue some research on the subject but without DRM ringtones of my own, its slightly more difficult to test, so we'll see what happens.

Version 1.0.2 - Bunch of browser tweaks;
-Support for .ogg
-File browser opens faster. The reason for the lag was, the list view had to be all loaded to allow check/uncheck to work...this now happens when you either check or uncheck which is still unfortunate but I think its better for now. I will continue to work on this though.
-Adds a "/" to the front of all directories to make them easier to spot(They also get pulled to the top)
-Hitting back now puts the directory you were just in, in the current view instead of putting you at the top of the folder(Its kind of hard to explain...just try it :D)

Version 1.0.1 - Memory leak clogged
-If you had a playlist saved and you tried to delete it, it would remove from the list but all the data that is referred from that gets lost in space(I'm sorry to those who did this prior to the update...if there is a problem I can help get that data clear)

Version 1.0 - We're on the market
-ShuffleTone is uploaded onto the market

ShuffleTone - Known issues and fixes

For version 2.0.1 and up

Problems that have been emailed to me so far, and are being addressed:

--There are still issues, but since I scrapped most of the old code, I am thinking none will apply at the moment. This will be updated once 2.1 comes out