AudioVolumizer - Release Notes

Initial Release(Version 1.0):


--Open AudioVolumizer by holding the Search button(or camera button for G1 users).
--Optional Notification access, that allows for instant access from the Status Bar.
--Includes an Invisible icon for the status bar, in case you wanted to hide it
--Access to all streams on your phone. Music, Ringtone, Notification(if phone supports it correctly), Alarm, System, and In-Call streams.
--Quick mute buttons that flips through the possible options in the stream, next to every stream.
--Mute All, Unmute All options.
--Settings to turn on and off Vibration Ringtone and Notification Streams
--Special Application picker for G1 users when Camera button is held, allowing to set the default of the camera button(the camera or AudioVolumizer)